Is the Ruger Security 380 a Good Gun?

Ruger Security 380

When you start looking at concealed carry guns, there is no shortage of choices. In fact, sometimes that abundance of choices can make it more difficult to pick something out. We often help students pick out a gun and have a good sample of the options for them to try before they decide. We also…

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The Truth About the Springfield Armory Echelon

The Springfield Armory Echelon hit the market a few months ago. To be honest, my first thought was “Just what we need, another polymer framed, striker-fired 9mm.” I am generally not a Springfield Armory fan. My daughter has one of their pistols, the Hellcat, as her EDC, I didn’t particularly like shooting it but she…

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EDC Pocket Dump- Part 2

A few weeks ago we took a look at one of our Co-Founder Alan’s EDC pocket dump. For those who may have missed that post, a pocket dump is a trend amongst firearms-related communities where folks share pictures of the items they carry on an everyday basis. To be honest, these can be quite funny…

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EDC Pocket Dump- Part 1

EDC items

A popular thing in firearms-related groups on social media platforms like Facebook is the “pocket dump” discussion. This is where members post a picture of their EDC items (everyday carry). Sometimes the resulting discussion is useful. People ask about specific items they see and useful information. Sometimes it is really a way for the poster…

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