Easiest Tourniquet to Use: The SAM XT

SAM XT vs Rhino Rescue. Stop the Bleed training

A couple of months back, we posted an article about the dangers of buying fake tourniquets. That was followed up a few weeks later with a discussion about what makes the SOFTT-Wide tourniquet one of our favorites. In both articles, I mentioned the SAM XT tourniquet, calling it one of my favorites. Today, we’re going…

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I Got a New Gun, What Should I Modify First?

Sig romeo zero elite Glock 43X

If you frequent Facebook groups about guns, you see a question that comes up at least every couple of days. It goes something like this: “I just got this SigGlock&Wesson today. What mods should I do first?” And I cringe pretty much every time I see this. So, if you are a new gun owner,…

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Church Safety vs Church Security: Does the Name Matter

Church safety training near me. We serve Florida and Nationwide. Church security training near me.

Back in 2013, I published my first blog about church safety called “Safety or Security? What’s in a name?” It is, to the day, still one of the most frequently read pieces on site. I’m on a journey. I don’t always agree with everything I said or thought 10 years ago, so I decided to…

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EDC Pocket Dump- Part 2

A few weeks ago we took a look at one of our Co-Founder Alan’s EDC pocket dump. For those who may have missed that post, a pocket dump is a trend amongst firearms-related communities where folks share pictures of the items they carry on an everyday basis. To be honest, these can be quite funny…

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