Is the Ruger Security 380 a Good Gun?

Ruger Security 380. Gun review. Firearms training.

When you start looking at concealed carry guns, there is no shortage of choices. In fact, sometimes that abundance of choices can make it more difficult to pick something out. We often help students pick out a gun and have a good sample of the options for them to try before they decide. We also…

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Phone Scams Can Take Different Forms

Phone Scams can happen to anyone, at any time. Some of them are pretty obvious. Others are a little sneakier. But some are downright evil. Here is one of those. An Unexpected Phone Call About 2 years ago, I was enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon at home with my wife when my phone rang. I…

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Office Safety: Ensuring a Safe and Secure Office Environment

Most people expect a workplace that is a safe and secure environment where they can focus on their jobs without worrying about security threats. Whether you’re an employee or represent an employer, understanding and implementing proper security measures is important for creating a productive and protected workspace. In this article, we’ll discuss various aspects of…

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