They Gave Their Tomorrow

As we observe Memorial Day, my thoughts go back to a trip my wife and I took. Two ...
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The Three Wise Men: The Role of Men

The blog this week looks a little different. It is specifically directed towards men. Even if you don’t ...
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Phone Scams Can Take Different Forms

Phone Scams can happen to anyone, at any time. Some of them are pretty obvious. Others are a ...
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Jerry Miculek Julie Golob Smith & Wesson Factory Grand Opening, Maryville, TN

Smith & Wesson Factory Grand Opening

A couple of years ago Smith & Wesson made the smart decision to plan their exit from gun-hostile ...
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When Pride Hinders Learning

Pride. It’s a confusing subject. We all have it at times, and at other times, we probably need ...
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Human trafficking awareness

Understanding Human Trafficking: Shedding Light on a Global Crisis

Often, people think of human trafficking based on what they saw in the movie “Taken”. They think it ...
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church security training

When it comes to killers, Don’t Name Them

Don’t name them. It’s really that easy. Each time there is an active shooter event, our media makes ...
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