Riton X3 Tactix MPRD 2 on a Smith & Wesson Shield Plus

Budget Optic Review: Riton X3 Tactix MPRD 2

I have red dots on a lot of my pistols and most of my AR15s and pistol caliber ...
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Canik Mete MC9

First Shots: The Canik Mete MC9

I shot a Canik pistol for the first time in 2018 and was immediately impressed by the trigger. ...
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Ruger LCP Max, Glock 42 and Ruger LCP

Which Small Pistol? Ruger LCP vs Glock 42 vs Ruger LCP Max

When looking for a concealable pistol, there are a lot of very good choices on the market. And ...
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Real User Results: Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet

In past articles, we’ve evaluated a couple of different CoTCCC-recommended tourniquets, including the SAM XT and the SOFTT-W. ...
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The 5 Favorite Guns That I First Shot in 2023

During 2023, I had the opportunity to shoot a lot of different guns for the first time. Some ...
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Ruger Security 380

Is the Ruger Security 380 a Good Gun?

When you start looking at concealed carry guns, there is no shortage of choices. In fact, sometimes that ...
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Springfield Armory Echelon

The Truth About the Springfield Armory Echelon

The Springfield Armory Echelon hit the market a few months ago. To be honest, my first thought was ...
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Smith & Wesson Folding Carbine (FPC)

The Smith & Wesson Folding Carbine: Gimmick or Gem?

Earlier this year Smith & Wesson decided to jump into the pistol caliber carbine market with a folding ...
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Sig P322 (L) and a Sig P320C (r)

Is the Sig P322 a Good Gun?

From single-action revolvers to high-tech semi-autos, there are plenty of choices if you are shopping for a .22 ...
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Easiest Tourniquet to Use: The SAM XT

A couple of months back, we posted an article about the dangers of buying fake tourniquets. That was ...
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