Our Newest Partner: Optics Force

Here at Protector’s Perspective, we get offers from a lot of companies to become a marketing affiliate. Some companies are a great fit for us, and we happily accept. Others are fine companies, but just really don’t fit our niche. We’re excited to announce an affiliate partnership with our new friends at Optics Force. Let’s talk a little bit about them and why this one has us more excited than some other partnerships.

What is a Good Fit?

We’ve declined affiliations in the past. Sometimes it just didn’t fit our niche, like a company that did exclusively high-end long-range rifle gear. Others were just products we didn’t feel we could legitimately recommend to readers, like a flame thrower.

But we do like optics, especially red dots. So, when the opportunity to partner with Optics Force came up, we were definitely interested in the idea.

Why Optics Force?

That’s a valid question. Why them? There are plenty of places where you can buy an Eotech EFLX, so why them? Here are a few reasons why we love this new affiliation:


First, you can go to your local gun store or Bass Pro to get an optic. But what is their selection like? Optics Force carries all the names you’re used to hearing, like Holosun, Sig Sauer, Eotech, Vortex, Leupold, Trijicon and more.

While our primary interests are in red dots and some rifle scopes, the selection at Optics Force includes things like premium binoculars, night vision and even optics for archery. From budget to premium, the selection is a big plus.

The Truth About the Eotech EFLX


It’s no secret that the best prices are often companies that are doing mainly e-commerce. That’s almost expected. The struggle is finding the best prices. On any given day, some company, somewhere on the internet may have a particular item you want on sale. But is it worth spending 4 hours searching to save $11? (And if you’re like me, you see 14 other things you didn’t know you wanted and end up spending more than you planned). When you find a company that offers consistently good prices on the stuff you want, you just make them your default first stop. That’s what I see with this company.

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Free Shipping

I had to break this out into its own section because free shipping is a big deal. I see this all the time with ammo. A company offers a case of ammo for $5 less than the one I normally buy from, but then they charge $12-15 (or more) for shipping. So, my regular ammo supplier that offers free shipping ends up being cheaper.

Free shipping is what you get at Optics Force. And not just on selected or high-ticket items. Whether you are buying a Steiner MPS or some AA batteries for one of your devices, the shipping isn’t going to up the price. I really respect that.

They Know Their Lane

To a degree, Walmart has kind of ruined us. You can walk in a store and leave with a toilet brush, a ham and a kayak and that’s pretty convenient. But if you have a question about that kayak…well, good luck. If you can even find an employee, it’s pretty doubtful they can give you an answer beyond what’s on the label. That’s not the case with Optics Force. They’re not out to become Amazon, where you can find everything from cough drops to a tornado shelter. They focus on optics and related items.

To support that, the company has a regularly updated blog that covers things like product info, commonly asked questions and pro tips on how to get the most from your purchase.

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Easy Returns

This is another one of those things that can be a drawback with certain companies. Optics Force is pretty customer-friendly in this regard. They offer an easy 60-day return on many of their products. I don’t recall seeing less than a 30-day return on any items. I’ve been in the position of finding out that I ordered the wrong scope rings and then tried to get the right ones. That particular company wasn’t super helpful since it was my error, not theirs. When a company makes it easy to make sure I’m satisfied, even when it was my error, I put a value on that.

How Does This Even Work

I’ve mentioned the term affiliate a few times and you may be asking what that even means. We have no secrets here. The short version is that when I give you a link to buy a Vortex torque Wrench to use for installing your optics, it has a code in it and Protector’s Perspective gets a small incentive if you buy it from the link. We then use that money to buy more stuff to test out so we can make honest recommendations to you before you spend your hard-earned money.

We don’t get rich from it. Heck, what we make in a year won’t even pay for the ammo for the reviews we do. But it helps a little and we’re thankful for every one of you when you do make a purchase from a link.

On a related note, we always disclose when a company sends us a product for review. It won’t change our opinions, but you deserve to know so you can decide for yourself.

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What Does it All Mean?

Well, you’ll see more links from Optics Force in future articles. And when they have a particularly interesting deal or product, you’ll see it on our social media. Take a look at their website today.

If you’re not already following our Facebook or Instagram account, please consider doing it.

We’re excited to be able to bring you another way to get quality gear at good prices so you can become a Better Protector.

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