The Truth About the Eotech EFLX

Recently, I bought a Sig P320 XCompact and had to decide on a red dot for it. Like most current Sig 320s, the XCompact is milled for the Romeo1 Pro/ Leupold Delta Point Pro footprint. I have a Sig Romeo1 Pro (R1P) and I’ve been pretty happy with it. I’ve put thousands of rounds downrange with it and 3 trips to the Sig Academy. But I saw a pretty good price for the Eotech EFLX and I decided to give it a try.

The Specs and Stuff

This is Eotech’s first entry into the pistol red dot market. As mentioned, the Eotech EFLX is a Mini Reflex Sight that uses the Delta Point Pro/ Romeo1 Pro footprint. It is available with either a 3 MOA or 6 MOA dot and is powered by a 1 CR2032 battery. Eotech claims the battery life is approximately 25,000 hours (3MOA dot) at brightness level 5 or 20,000 hours (6MOA dot) at brightness level 5. The EFLX has 7 daytime settings, including an ultrabright setting, and 1 setting for use with night vision. You can see all the measurements etc on their website. It is designed for pistols but can be mounted on rifles or shotguns. Like all Eotech products, it has a great warranty.

First Impressions

Like other Eotech products, this one came in a plastic carry case. Everything needed to directly mount it was in the case, as well as an adjustment tool. The optic itself has a heavy rubber cover to protect it when not in use. It feels more protective than the light plastic cover the R1P comes with. The aluminum case was well done, and the finish was even and smooth. The battery top loads, so it can be changed without removing the optic. The brightness controls are rubber-covered arrows and are located on the left side of the optic.

Shooting the Eotech EFLX

Looking at the EFLX, you can see some differences from the Romeo1 Pro. The Eotech glass is very clear, while the R1P has a bit of a tint to it. The EFLX is pretty squared off. It looks a tiny bit wider than the R1P, with the latter looking a little taller. The field of view is excellent. The controls for adjustments are well done and give tactile feedback with each click.

Eotech EFLX (L) and Sig Romeo 1 Pro (R)

After getting the optic zeroed, I put some rounds downrange with it. Target acquisition was easy. Again, the clear glass and nice field of view paid off. The dot was easy to acquire and no flicker that I could notice.

Some things I would change

I really like this optic, but there are a couple of things that I think Eotech could improve on.

First, the lack of a motion activation/shake awake feature. The EFLX allows you to either turn it on and it stays on until you turn it off or it has an auto shut off around 12-14 hours after the last activity. Frankly, I think this was a fumble on Eotech’s part. Even budget optics like Cylee have the feature. Sure, a 20-25K hour battery life is good, but this feature would extend it even more.

The other thing that was kind of a shortfall was the placement of the brightness adjustment buttons. If you go over the top or slingshot the slide, there’s a good chance you readjust your dot’s brightness setting. As a left-handed shooter, I slingshot a lot. While that’s not an issue on the ambidextrous XCompact, it could be if I put this optic on one of my pistols that don’t have a slide release on the right side.

There is a 3rd thing, but it’s not entirely Eotech’s fault. To mount an optic on the Sig XCompact, removing the optics cover also removes the rear sight. Eotoch could add a notch or index line to the rear of the optic to help use the irons in the event that the red dot fails.

Final Thoughts

As I said, I really like this optic. It has a good field of view, and the glass clarity is awesome. The EFLX appears to be pretty rugged. I took it to the Sig Academy for a one-handed pistol operators’ course, so it got rammed into some barricades there. Plenty of hooking the optic on my belt as well. It has held zero well and performed as expected.

The price was competitive with the Romeo1 Pro and less than the Delta Point Pro. You can get them from Palmetto State Armory. They occasionally go out of stock, but you can sign up for notifications when they get more.

Overall, I would recommend the Eotech EFLX. Great view, has clear glass and is easy to use. I expect this optic to serve me for a long time.

Eotech EFLX red dot

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